If you asked someone to name the hardest rocking band on the planet Earth, there is a good chance that the answer would be – AC/DC. Formed in 1973, in Sydney, by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, the band soon became popular for their catchy riffs and lightning-fast solos. Their blues-influenced sound took the world by storm. And nowadays, 45 years and 17 studio albums later, they are rocking equally hard.

The Greatest Hits

Their rise from the beginning as a local Sydney rockband to what became a planetary rock sensation was almost immediate. Hits like “High Voltage” and “T.N.T” kicked off the band’s career, but they had no intention of slowing down. “Let there be Rock” and “Highway to Hell” cemented their superstar status, but it was “Back in Black” that made them into legends. It’s still the second best selling album of all time, selling 50 million copies worldwide.

Members and Major Lineup Changes

First major change of the band’s lineup came in 1980, when the lead singer, Bon Scott, died from the alcohol poisoning. The band found the replacement in Brian Johnson, an extraordinary singer whose raspy voice soon became the band’s trademark. With some minor changes, the lineup A.Young, M.Young, Johnson, Rudd, Williams lasted until recently, when all members, except Angus, retired or left the band for health reasons.

The Young Legacy

Some bands would never recover from such a mass departure, but AC/DC is more than just a band. Even when his brother died in 2017, Angus refused to stop rocking. He recruited some seasoned musicians, like singer Axl Rose and drummer Chris Slade, but the crucial component was no other than another member of Young dynasty – his nephew Stevie. The members might have changed, but the energy that you feel from their music endures. AC/DC is alive and kicking.

Thunderstruck Slot Machine

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Aerosmith is a famous rock band from America, also known as The Bad Boys from Boston or America’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band. Hard rock, black metal, and blues rock are their genres, and they have included some elements of heavy metal, blues, and pop. The group was brought together in the 1970s, in Boston.

Aerosmith – Band Formation

aerosmith bandAerosmith was first brought together in 1970. The singer, Steven Tyler met Joe Perry, the guitarist who wanted to form a powerful trio with Tyler and Tom Hamilton, the bassist. They soon extended to a group of four, with Ray Tabano, the additional guitarist. Brad Whitford supplanted him shortly after his arrival. When the drummer Joey Kramer came into the group, Steven Tyler turned into the lead artist, and at the end of 1970, Aerosmith moved to Boston.

Steven Tyler – The Lead Singer

Steven Tyler was born on March 26, 1948, in Manhattan, New York. He is an American musician and songwriter, most widely known as the singer of Aerosmith. He plays many instruments including percussion instruments, harmonica, bass guitar, and sometimes piano. Tyler is famous as the lead singer in the band and his dynamic acts and acrobatics on stage dressed in dramatic outfits. Scarves on the microphone stand are his trademark.

Inspiration For Other Bands

Aerosmith is a band inspired by Led Zeppelin, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. They turned out to be an inspiration themselves and have a great impact on the work of other famous musicians, and bands such as Guns N’ Roses, L.A. Weapons, Skid Row, Warrant, the Black Crowes, Metallica, Testament and many more.

Harley Davidson

If you think of motorcycles, you probably think of Harley-Davidson. The Harley-Davidson company is one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in America and has been around since the early 1900’s. The company built their first factory in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1906. An interesting fact is that the location of their first factory is nowadays still used as the company’s headquarters!

Harley Davidson – The Early Years

harley davidsson pictureThe history of Harley-Davidson is quite interesting and covers many years. The company was one of only two motorcycle companies that survived the American Great Depression. In World War I, the company sold more than 20,000 motor cycles to the United States military. This greatly boosted their profits and, as a result, the company was the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world by 1920.

Harley Davidson – More Recent Times

Harley Davidson again became a major manufacturer for the U.S. military in the 1940s. The company supplied the army with more than 90,000 motor cycles, of which many were given to the allies of the United States. Harley-Davidson received two ‘E’ Army Navy awards in 1943 and in 1945, awarded for its “Excellence in Production” according to the U.S. government.

Harley Davidson – Current Times

Harley-Davidson nowadays sells most of its products to private customers and remain known and loved for their stylish and innovative motor cycles. The company started to amass a huge fan base as a result of their social branding, and today you can find many Harley-Davidson clubs and events throughout the world. You can even visit the Harley-Davidson museum in Milwaukee, or follow a factory tour, which the company now offers at four of their manufacturing sites.

Christopher Bell – Bio

Christopher Bell is a NASCAR driver who is quickly rising to fame in the auto-racing scene. Born on December 16th, 1994, this American racer drives for Toyota and is only 22 years old. The young star, however, already has numerous awards under his belt, such as the 2014 Turkey Night Grand Prix winner. He is a racer to watch, due to his talent and ambition in the racing world.

Christopher Bell – Early Years

Before heading onto NASCAR, Christopher started his career very early as a kid, doing micro sprints in Oklahoma. He went on to win two championships, one in 2010 and the other in 2011. He won the World of Outlaws Race in 2014, his first in that event at the age of 19. He then went on to join Keith Kuntz Motorsports and won more awards, proving his ability to deliver results and win championships for them.

Christopher Bell – NASCAR Career

christopher bellAfter proving his strength in open-wheel dirt racing, he then moved on to NASCAR in 2015. In his June debut, he was the first runner-up to Erik Jones, his teammate in the trials, and completed at position five. Not long after, he replaced Justin Boston as No. 54 at the Kentucky Speedway and went on to get his first win in an event in Eldora.

Christopher Bell – The Future

Christopher Bell is headed for greatness and has proved himself as an exceptional driver. He has completed two successful seasons in the NASCAR camping world series and is now moving on to the Xfinity series next season. Joe Gibbs stated that he has shown maturity and proven himself at every level of racing, which is true. With a track record like his, he still has more victories to thrill us with in the future.

Who Is Martin Truex Jr.?

The 37-year-old, Trenton N.J. native is a professional stock car driver competing in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 78 Toyota Camry for Furniture Row Racing. He recently won the first round of races in Charlotte, NC and is on his way to the NASCAR Title after beating Chase Elliott, Kyle Bush and Kyle Larson while earning a free pass for the Talladega round next Sunday.

His Latest Result

martin truexLast Sunday, Martin Truex Jr. clinched a big win for his career in Charlotte, North Carolina. In the race for the NASCAR title, Truex held his own, overcoming some big names and heated competition in overtime. He pulled away with the win, securing both immunity for next weeks race at Talladega, and holding onto the dream of seeing his name as a future NASCAR championship driver.

A Different Fight

While Truex was winning in Charlotte, his longtime companion, Sherry Pollex was home regaining strength after her most recent round of chemotherapy. Truex was visibly emotional in Victory Lane last Sunday after a win that should have been all celebratory. Showing his softer side in what certainly proves to be the fight of their lives, Truex said his thoughts are with Pollex as she continues her fight against ovarian cancer.

One Driver, Two Fights.

Martin Truex, Jr. has a lot of eyes on him now as he continues both his professional drive toward the NASCAR title and also his personal support and commitment to his longtime partner, Sherry Pollex. In what will prove to be two challenging battles, Truex has captured the attention of millions as he proves his professional capabilities as well as his emotional strength and resiliency alongside Pollex as she fights ovarian cancer.

Nascar Racing

NASCAR racing is one of the most competitive and popular automobile racing sports in the world. The acronym stands for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. It was founded in America and is the second most followed professional sport in the country. The vehicles used in these races are specially designed and tuned for high speeds and balance.

NASCAR Stock Cars

nascar racingThe specially built stock car has a powerful custom made engine that allows speeds of over 200 miles an hour. Certain tracks, however, require cars to have restrictor plates, to reduce the top speed of the vehicles. The auto racing tracks usually hold a total of 43 cars per race, and the drivers compete in the qualifiers for these positions. The drivers have to ensure their vehicles are tuned and tested before they join the competitions.

About NASCAR Drivers

Every NASCAR team knows that they are only as good as their driver. This means that to be a professional driver takes intense practice and rigorous training. As hard as it is to be a driver, though, it is also really exhilarating. Nothing beats the excitement of pushing speeds of above 220 miles an hour on an asphalt track. The winners receive cash prizes and are awarded points.

Individual NASCAR Experiences

The NASCAR world is one of the most thrilling racing experiences imaginable. There are opportunities to drive stock cars for anyone who wants to. Simply pay for the experience online or at a NASCAR track and drive a real stock car at top speeds! There is also an option to be a ride-along for three laps which is also worth it, but very scary!

Biggest Concerts 2017

Rock music has grown to feature some of the most epic festivals, shows, and even monumental arena gigs. This genre brings joy to the heart of revellers through a host of sub-genres that range from the contemporary acoustic to the classic rock tunes. Rock music pundits have pieced together relevant info regarding some of the biggest rock concerts 2017.

big rock showMetallic Rock Tours And Shows 2017

The 2017 guide to Rock comes with some of the most notable shows in the entertainment industry. These musical shows include; The New Found Glory_a rock tour held between March 22nd to May 12th. Being the 20th anniversary, the tour featured some memorable albums which included Sticks & Stones and the famed Coming Home. The ‘Testament’ also delivered one of the spectacular rock tours this year between 6th April and 20th May.

Popular Rock Albums 2017

The success of any musical genre is probably gauged by the number of albums produced in a given musical period. The Rock music, for instance, recorded some of the most bought albums. They include; The Getaway that was released early in the year by the renowned Red Hot Chilli Peppers group. ‘Alter Bridge’ rocked the stage like never before by releasing ‘The Last Hero album’.

Summary Of The Rock Music Concerts 2017

Generally, music experts across all genres have realised that musical shows and concerts bring more than just music. They come with a satisfying level of awesomeness both onstage and away from the stage. Such shows in the 2017 calendar include; The Def Leppard tour, The Descendants concert, and the Highly suspect which ended most recently on August 17th. Musical pundits have predicted even bigger concerts in the coming years because of the increasing popularity of the rock music.

Heavy Metal Music

Heavy Metal music is a variation of the famous rock music, which traces its origin to the United Kingdom, way back in the 1960’s. The genre is characterised by epic sounds, which are musically amplified to ooze an exaggerated sense of machismo and aggression. Hitherto, albums have been produced containing some great hits and receiving major global awards.

shit musicHistory Of Heavy Metal Music

Heavy Metal music found its way onto the airwaves in the early 1960s. The pioneers of this type of music include the Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Led Zeppelin music bands. Heavy Metal historians believe that such groups came into action due to the increased sense of social injustice, and a full-scale war that was gaining ground in Vietnam. A combination of these factors led to technological innovations that resulted in new heights of sonic disruption.

Genres Of Heavy Metal Music

From the early days, Heavy Metal music has grown tenfold, with numerous genres that have evolved to meet the changing demands of our time. The ‘Alternative Metal’ is a genre that combines intense guitars with some elements of alternative rock. The ‘Hard Rock’ comes with distorted electric guitars, while the ‘Nu metal’ version is characterised by hardcore hip hop tones.

The Final Words

Heavy Metal rock has grown massively since it was first recorded in the 60s. Greatly inspired by the developments in rock music and technological advancements, artists began to produce some intense sounds coupled with a sense of rebellion and machismo. Nowadays, electric sounds have been added to this genre to produce some memorable hits. From the early bands such as Black Sabbath to recent ones like ‘Guns N Roses’, Heavy Metal has been a quite a musical journey.

Metal Music and Motorsport

The word metal and motorsport in the gaming world can be associated with a collection of online video slot games which incorporate the music genre of heavy metal during gameplay. Other than that, the most obvious thing is the high adrenaline sport involving high-performance engines fitted in cars that tackle top speeds with ease. We take a look at the relationship between the sport and the music.

The Association of Metal Music and Motorsport

Motor sport is renowned for the fast, high-risk races at speeds; regular cars wouldn’t be able to handle on public roads. High-rev motor engines designed by reputable companies such as Ferrari or Mercedes offer a high torque and horsepower that thrusts the cars from 0 – 100 km/h in a matter of seconds. Metal music, on the other hand, is famous for its fast tempo, loud volume, and a high pitched frequency. Both drive the body’s adrenaline levels to a high.

How Metal Music and Motorsport Co-Relate

In this age of technology, you probably have come across a video game console, and if so, have witnessed the gameplay of a motor sport game. Games like Formula1, Rally, and stunt games like Skateboarding and the BMX challenge have a common trait experienced during gameplay: metal music can be heard playing in the background. The high-frequency sounds raise adrenaline levels thus pushing the player to do risky stunts/moves that make the gameplay both thrilling and addictive.

rock n roll car

A Summary of Metal and Motorsport Review

A study of heavy Metal music proves that the high frequency has an adverse mental effect that is the contrary of soothing classical music. It causes the listener’s brain to prepare for a takeoff, away from the unstable environment thereby increasing body adrenaline levels. In the modern world, it has come to be associated with motorsport which is a risky field because of the high-speed values drivers attempt to reach and the crashes involved.

Casino + Metal = TRUE

Sex, drogs and rock n roll s a famous sentence where a forth word that would fit in is casino. Several rockbands can be associated to online casino where Motörheads Ace of Spades is the most obvious one.

motorhead slotmachineFact is that Motörhead also exist as an online casino slot where you can spin online while listening to rock. Worth noticing is also that the mega famous rockband Guns N’ Roses also have been featured in a slot machine made by the same game provider called NetEnt.

By that it is obvious, metal, rock and casino belongs together where you can explore other metal slot machines by playing or reading more information about slot machines if you find it interesting.

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