Metal Music and Motorsport

The word metal and motorsport in the gaming world can be associated with a collection of online video slot games which incorporate the music genre of heavy metal during gameplay. Other than that, the most obvious thing is the high adrenaline sport involving high-performance engines fitted in cars that tackle top speeds with ease. We take a look at the relationship between the sport and the music.

The Association of Metal Music and Motorsport

Motor sport is renowned for the fast, high-risk races at speeds; regular cars wouldn’t be able to handle on public roads. High-rev motor engines designed by reputable companies such as Ferrari or Mercedes offer a high torque and horsepower that thrusts the cars from 0 – 100 km/h in a matter of seconds. Metal music, on the other hand, is famous for its fast tempo, loud volume, and a high pitched frequency. Both drive the body’s adrenaline levels to a high.

How Metal Music and Motorsport Co-Relate

In this age of technology, you probably have come across a video game console, and if so, have witnessed the gameplay of a motor sport game. Games like Formula1, Rally, and stunt games like Skateboarding and the BMX challenge have a common trait experienced during gameplay: metal music can be heard playing in the background. The high-frequency sounds raise adrenaline levels thus pushing the player to do risky stunts/moves that make the gameplay both thrilling and addictive.

rock n roll car

A Summary of Metal and Motorsport Review

A study of heavy Metal music proves that the high frequency has an adverse mental effect that is the contrary of soothing classical music. It causes the listener’s brain to prepare for a takeoff, away from the unstable environment thereby increasing body adrenaline levels. In the modern world, it has come to be associated with motorsport which is a risky field because of the high-speed values drivers attempt to reach and the crashes involved.

Casino + Metal = TRUE

Sex, drogs and rock n roll s a famous sentence where a forth word that would fit in is casino. Several rockbands can be associated to online casino where Motörheads Ace of Spades is the most obvious one.

motorhead slotmachineFact is that Motörhead also exist as an online casino slot where you can spin online while listening to rock. Worth noticing is also that the mega famous rockband Guns N’ Roses also have been featured in a slot machine made by the same game provider called NetEnt.

By that it is obvious, metal, rock and casino belongs together where you can explore other metal slot machines by playing or reading more information about slot machines if you find it interesting.

If you are based in the UK, you will be able to play at hundreds of casinos online where you will find both slots, live casino and betting on sports and other events. Before you choose to play at any online casino, make sure that the site is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission by verifying that they have the logo placed in their footer.

Also, make sure that the site you play at offer a nice welcome offer for new customers that include both free spins and deposit bonuses! Now, rock on and good luck!



World’s Largest Container Vessel

A new vessel from Korea is now the ship that can load most containers in the world. It also has the world’s largest engine.

The Danish shipping company Maersk has until now had the largest container vessel. This summer, it stamped from a Spanish port with a load corresponding to 17,603 standard containers, TEU, 6.1 meters in length.

But that record is now broken. The Korean shipbuilder Hyundai Feavy Industries presented its vessel CSCL Globe, which can load 19,100 containers. The ship is also equipped with the world’s physically largest engine with a height of 17.2 meters. It’s called MAN B & W 12S90ME-C Mark 9.2 and is a two-stroke 12-cylinder diesel engine that provides 80 573 horsepower at 84 rpm. With electronic fuel control that takes into account the vessel’s relative velocity and conditions at sea, fuel consumption has been decreased by 20 percent per container compared to half as large vessels.

The new 183 800 dead weight tonnage ship to be shipped to China Shipping Container Lines is 400 meters long and costs approximately $700 million.

Hulk Hogan and Metallica

Maybe you have heard the story before, about the former wrestler Hulk Hogan claiming he once audited for Metallica. Back in the days, Hulk Hogan states that he is a bass guitar player and also close friends with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich.

The story gets even more strange when Hulk Hogan states that he was offered a position in the band but had to turned it down since things did not work out. When asking Lars Ulrich about this he says “Hulk who” and that they have never met. Neither have James Hetfield ever met Hulk Hogan, laughing at the story.

Do you have a band and is looking for a new member, maybe Hulk Hogan would fit in your band as well?


All Metal Motorsport

What is better – Metal or Motorsports? Or is it the combination?

This site aims to describe everything that combines Metal Music and Motorsport around the world.

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