Symphonic metal music doesn’t get any better than that played by the Finnish group Nightwish. The group was formed in 1996; it took a little time to become recognised outside of Finland but their success was guaranteed from the second album, Oceanborn, onward. Read on to discover more about this intriguing band and their different genre of music.

Symphonic Metal Music

Nightwish, one of the best selling bands in Finland, has produced 14 albums, six live and 8 in the studio. Their genre of music is a sub-genre of traditional heavy metal. Here, the drums and guitars of heavy metal are combined with aspects of orchestral music. Nightwish tends to use female operatic voices and keyboards to create their epic music, a style that is complex and layered as well as theatrical.

The Band Today

The band members have changed over the years, but the originator of the band, Tuomas Holopainen, remains with Nightwish as the keyboardist and songwriter. Dutch soprano Floor Jansen performs lead vocals. The guitarist is Emppu Vuorinen, and bass guitar is provided by Marco Hietala, who also provides vocals. Drumbeats are sounded out by Kai Hahto. The distinctive uilleann pipes are played by Troy Donockley.

A Different Sound

Nightwish has had their music describe as symphonic metal, folk metal, power metal and gothic metal. Whatever genre you care to name their music its haunting yet dramatic presentation remains in with you long after the playing has stopped. Their trademark use of female vocalists and the distinctive keyboard and pipes sounds have helped sell over 9 million records making them Finland’s most successful band worldwide.