heavy metal calming effect

Keep Calm And Listen To Heavy Metal

Extreme heavy music can calm your soul. Studies indicate that metal music can go a long way in influencing you positively and inspiring calmness rather than eliciting anger. Lyrical themes of isolation, anxiety and depression may be very instrumental in processing negative feelings as well as assisting you in getting a positive state of mind.

Heavy Metal Music Makes You Calmer

Researchers from Australia’s University of Queensland, subjected 39 lovers of extreme metal music to a lab experiment. By asking them about the types of frustrations they underwent, the scientists measured their heart rates. On the other hand, another group was subjected to extreme music. Instead of increasing anger, it was noted that the music inspired and calmed them to a large extent since their heart rates were relatively slower.

Metal Music Regulates Sadness

From this research activity, it was found that the music regulated sadness and consequently enhanced positive feelings as well. In her report of the research, Leah Sharman notes that music helped the participants to explore the gamut of their emotion fully while leaving them highly inspired and calmed. Sharman and her co-researcher continue to make strides in seeking more positive angles of heavy metal music.

Playlists Chosen by Participants

One interesting thing that the researchers found was that participants in the study chose music that had a heavy theme as opposed to soft metal music. This is an indication that more and more people find heavy metal music soothing. Notably, this music enhanced their happiness and reduced stress and anger in most of the participants.