Heavy Metal Music for Scientific Thinking

Ever thought that heavy Metal music could promote or even wire your thinking in a scientific way? Well, professors from the University of Canada think so. In a recently published article by Prof Rodney Schmaltz- Department of Psychology at McMaster University, he urges that disturbing images and graphic featured predominantly in heavy Metal music could challenge the students way of thinking to a more scientific one.

Music Preference And Problematic Behavior

In his research, the good professor digs into some earlier crime cases where criminals had a liking for this type of music and their crimes linked to it. In his submissions, Schmaltz finds biases in thinking in almost every case he does an analysis on. He advocates for scientific thinking in the handling of the cases and dismisses that their music preference could have had an influence on the crimes they committed.

Using Cialadini Approach

Applying the Cialadini approach in solving this mystery, educators and care givers can, therefore, frame a discussion around the music and dismiss several fallacies that have previously been floated. For instance, it is believed that there is a casual link between harm and metal music. This could be discussed in terms of the antiquitatem and argumentum fallacy.

Final Thoughts – Heavy Metal Music

Taking the scholar’s school of thought to consideration, it would be correct to say that heavy metal music does not poison one’s mind. Instead, it promotes a scientific way of thinking in the way they view issues. Further to this, there is no direct correlation between a criminally inclined mind and Heavy Metal Music.