Guns N’ Roses – Unknown Facts

Guns N’ Roses is an American band that shook the world in 80’s with their music. They had more than 100 million records sold worldwide and were named as the most dangerous band in the world by their fans. The name itself was formed by the amalgamation of two previous bands, Axl Rose’s called Hollywood Rose and Tracii’s L.A. Guns, hence the name Guns N Roses.

Axl Rose – The Legend

Axl Rose (the lead singer) was born as William Bruse Rose Jr. He was born in Indiana but moved to Los Angeles in the 80’s to proceed with his music career, and he for sure did! Did you know that while shooting ”November Rain” he made everyone leave the studio? He spent 8 days creating the song, living on pizza, and sleeping. Dedication at its finest!

Did You Know?

Before being a Los Angeles music star, did you know that Axl used to be broke? He used to be a part of a medical study where he would smoke cigarettes and get paid $8. In time he became lucky and found his true calling. But was not so brilliant at picking names. Did you know that GnR was super close to being named AIDS and Heads of Amazon?

Guns N Roses – Legendary Band

Being a hardcore rock band back in the 80’s was tough, but it all turned out right for Guns N Roses. If it wasn’t for Axl who quit the medical job and his dedication to November Rain, would they be even big as they are right now? Also, let’s not forget that the band’s infamous name could have been ruined if they went with those less fancy options.

Guns N Roses the Online Casino Slot Machine

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