Daughtry, named after lead vocalist Chris Daughtry, is an American rock band formed in 2006. Billboard’s 200 chart placed their self-titled debut album at number 1 in November 2006. The bands’ music has been known to be classified under quite a few different genres such as alternative rock, hard rock, post-grunge as well as alternative metal.

Current Band Members of Daughtry

Daughtry in one of the best rock bands to ever exist! Let’s take a look at the geniuses behind the rock music. First, we have the frontman, Chris Daughtry, who was a finalist on season 5 of American Idol, who does lead vocals as well as rhythm and lead guitar. We then get Brian Craddock who is the rhythm guitarist. On the keyboard, we have Elvio Fernandes, Josh Paul on bass and finally, on drums, we have Brandon Maclin.

Daughtry’s Music Awards

Despite Chris Daughtry not winning American Idol, Daughtry has been nominated for numerous amounts of awards and have won several of them. They took their music to new levels by winning multiple awards just a year after forming. One of the first awards they won was “New Artist of the Year” at the American Music Awards.

Daughtry’s Future Plans

Despite splitting from their record label in 2019, Daughtry continues to produce new music. In September 2021 they released their sixth album “Dearly Beloved”. Despite Josh Paul sadly parting ways with Daughtry in January 2022, after being their bassist since 2006, Daughtry has confirmed that they will be touring throughout 2022 in 3 countries with 33 confirmed tour dates, so we have a lot to look forward to!

Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari are a British alternative rock band that was formed in 1999. The band hails from St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, with Roughton “Rou” Reynolds on the keys, guitar and vocals, Rob Rolfe on drums, and Chris Batten on bass guitar. However, the band went under the name Hybryd until 2003, when Liam “Rory” Clewlow joined as lead guitarist, after which, they changed their name to Enter Shikari.

Enter Shikari’s Musical Style

The band’s musical style is widely considered to be alternative rock, although their musical style incorporates elements of electronic music. The band has made its contribution to rock music, by being one of the first UK rock bands to pioneer electronicore, otherwise known as synthcore. However, Enter Shikari’s earlier releases can be described as synth-metal and metalcore. Their vocals, especially choruses, can be described as melodic or anthemic. Otherwise, the band alternates between rapping, screaming, singing and sometimes, growling.

Enter Shikari’s Discography

Enter Shikari have released six full-length studio albums since their debut; Take To The Skies in 2007, Common Dreads in 2009, A Flash Flood of Colour in 2012, The Mindsweep in 2015, The Spark in 2017, and Nothing Is True & Everything Is Possible in 2020. They are recognised as one of the top UK bands, with all six albums landing in the top 5 UK Album Chart for the “midweeks”.

In A Nutshell

Since their debut in the late 90s, Enter Shikari have managed to stay relevant well into the 2020s. On top of that, the band has bagged several awards and top chart positions along the way. Their music has evolved and long-time or even new fans can listen to and experience the various styles and themes they have explored throughout their musical journey.

The 3 Best Rock Songs of All Time

Do you just love to rock? So many rock songs can really get your heart thumping. However, what are the 3 best rock songs of all time? Perhaps you think songs from the 60s or 70s are the best. In addition, maybe you believe drum machines were cool in the 80s. Let the debate begin and let’s see if 3 best rock songs can be decided.

A List of the Best Rock Songs

A list of the best rock songs has to consider a few things. The best songs ever need to be commercially popular and keep their popularity over generations. They should be played by commercial radio stations and be equally popular among among alternative crowds. Classic rock songs must excite even the dullest weekday pub. Lastly, they must have very catchy parts of the songs from guitar solos or well known lyrics.

Some Best Rock Song Suggestions

‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen has arguably one of the catchiest lyrics and melodies in rock history. Another similar suggestion is ‘Thunderstruck’ by AC/DC. What about the Rolling Stones and the Beatles? Classic rock songs like ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beatles and ‘Satisfaction’ by the Stones are sung by school choirs. Hotel California (The Eagles) and Stairway to Heaven (Led Zepplin) should also get close.

Conclusion for the 3 Best Rock Songs

Asking to choose the 3 best rock songs is like choosing your favourite food. It is just too difficult to choose the best. This writer is taking a punt on ‘Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin for its grandiose buildup and unbelievable lyrics. Next is ‘We Will Rock You’ by Queen because it is so catchy. Finally ‘ Hey Jude’ by the Beatles makes the list for its sheer popularity over the generations. Make your own list and see what happens.

A Brief History of Slayer

Formed in 1981, Slayer was one of the most popular metal bands worldwide. Their songs mainly addressed issues such as murder, serial killers, religion, racism, and politics. That said, they managed to receive five Grammy Award nominations, two of which they won. The band also got a gold certification in the United States for four of their studio albums.

The Metal Band Slayer Members

The original slayer members included Dave Lombardo as their drummer, Tom Araya as their vocalist and Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman who were guitarists. Later on, Paul Bostaph replaced Dave as the slayer band’s drummer, and Gary Holt replaced Jeff. Slayer band was also joined by another drummer, Jon Dette, along the way. During their tours, their musicians included Pat O’Brien and Phil Demmel, who also played the guitars.

Slayer Albums And Their Music

Slayer band made several albums; twelve were studio albums, two live albums, and one cover album. They did two music videos that featured hellish themes, which only increased their underground popularity. One of their earliest album, Hell Awaits, made for 1985’s best album in the Metal Forces poll. Some of their most played songs include Disciple, Eyes Of The Insane, and Final Six.

Slayer Band Conclusion

With unique musical style and lyrics, Slayer was among the most influential band in the metal genre. Their reign extended for three decades during which they managed to sell millions of albums. They also toured many places, including the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. The band decided to call it quits after their farewell tour that took place between 2018 and 2019.

All About Atreyu

Atreyu has kept their originality and has never taken on one style of heavy metal despite being considered a metalcore band from California. They formed in 1998 and came from a wealthier part of California. They were shunned by many established metal bands despite having no financial advantages. They have gone on to play with some of the biggest metal bands like Slipnot and have released several albums.

Musical Style of Atreyu

Atreyu has been hard to pin down and take elements of many styles and the best metal bands. They have been described as a hardcore band with singing parts and one of the early pioneers of metalcore. The band has also been called post-hardcore, heavy metal, gothic rock, hardcore punk, and many other styles. The band has described their enjoyment of rock music from the 1980s and are similar to bands like ‘Arch Enemy’.

Who Are Atreyu?

Atreyu is one of the popular metal bands with multi-instrumentalist members. Since 1998, Dan Jacobs has been the lead guitarist and backup vocalist. Vocals and other instruments were also filled by Brandon Saller during this time. Alex Varkatzas was the lead vocalist from 1998 but left. Rhythm guitarist Travis Miguel and bassist Marc “Porter” McKnight are more recent members. Kyle Rosa plays drums, percussion, and other instruments.

Worth the Hype?

Heavy Metal Fans come together to see shows but are divided over different types of metal. Why do fans respect Atreyu? Because of the members’ sheer talent. They use all kinds of instruments and vocals by more than one member of the band. The band also pioneered a new type of heavy metal called metalcore but is equally comfortable around other musical styles. This makes the band attractive to fans from many different metal styles.


Alexisonfire is a band that started with George Pettit, Dallas Green, Wade MacNeil, Chris Steele and Jesse Ingelevics in the Canadian city of St. Catharines in 2001. The band does punk and rock music; and often describes its music as “the sound of two Catholic high-school girls in mid-knife-fight.” Jordan Hastings would go on to replace Jesse Ingelevics, who left the band in 2005 due to a falling out.

A Different Kind Of Metal Music

What’s different about Alexisonfire’s music? The band makes the best metal music plus it stands convention on its head! Alexisonfire (2002) had album art depicting two Catholic high-school girls in a knife fight; while Watch Out! (2006) had twice the aggression and emotion. Crisis (2006) launched with a release party at sea and promoted through extensive tours across Canada and the United Kingdom. Old Crows/Young Cardinals (2008) heralded an era in which the band’s future direction would become unclear.

Breaking Up And Making Up

By 2010, Alexisonfire began working on a fifth studio album. The band cancelled it in August of 2011 as members Dallas Green and Wade MacNeil left. The era of the best metal music had come to an end. Band members remained friends post-breakup and collaborated on several projects again. An example is the series of reunion concerts that held from 2017 and remakes of several songs in their extensive library.

Not Conventional, Yet Successful

Alexisonfire is not your regular, everyday metal music band. For a band that refuses to follow convention, it continues to enjoy a lot of success. For example, the band named itself after Alexis Fire, the contortionist sex worker. Also, it chooses to sell its music by word-of-mouth, shunning the traditional channels of distribution the music industry employs. In all, Alexisonfire continues to enjoy unrivalled success in her genre of music.


Knotfest is a music and lifestyle festival that was created in the year 2012 by American heavy metal band Slipknot. Slipknot comes from Iowa and they were founded in the year 1995. Knotfest isn’t just a destination festival, but a touring one too and in many different countries – the USA, Canada, France, Japan, Mexico and Colombia.

Time to let your hair down

When the rock festival is in action there are lots of activities going on as well to create a dark carnival experience. You’ll find amusement park rides, circus big-top tents, graffiti and pillars of fire among others. Slipknot members say that Knotfest is all about having fun and going crazy. They say the festival is devoted to their weird mindset and they are in control.

A festival that seeps into your blood

The festival of Knotfest is all about overloading the senses. From the time the festival starts, every fiber of the fans will be filled with the sounds, smells and atmosphere of the festival. Last year, 2019, it was announced that 2020 would see the festival being held in the United Kingdom for the first time.

The Roadshow 2020

Slipknot is planning to take their Knotfest show on the road in 2020. They are headed for North America. The Roadshow will be a 17-day run starting off in New York on May 30 and wrapping up in Texas in June. They say these roadshows are full of surprises, but that the bands will represent all aspects of their music and be a Summer of insanity.

Introducing a Day to Remember

A Day to Remember (abb. ADTR) is a rock band formed in 2003 in Ocala, Florida. They are said to have influences in many different genres, including pop punk, metalcore, emo and even death metal. The band’s music has been described as “a mixture of death metal grunts and the cheesy tunes from pop punk” and as a cross between “lively pop punk and tough metalcore”.

ADTR – The Beginnings

After playing in various bands in their hometown Ocala, this modern metal music band formed in 2003 with singer Jeremy McKinnon, guitarists Tom Denney and Neil Westfall, drummer Bobby Scruggs and bassist Joshua Woodard. Early, after the group’s formation, the rock music band went on their own tour in which they performed over 200 shows, thus making a name for themselves. They signed with Indianola Records and recorded their debut album titled ‘And Their Name Was Treason’ in May 2005.

Contract With Victory Records

A year later. this rock music band signed a contract with Victory Records and quickly started working on their second album, entitled For Those Who Have Heart , with new drummer Alex Shellnutt. In 2008, they released the Deluxe version of For Those Who Have Heart , their first DVD recorded in their hometown (Ocala), with different versions of the songs. In 2009, they released their third studio album, Homesick.

The Final Work

In July 2010, the band started recording their fourth album, called What Separates Me From You, which was released on November 16 of the same year. On December 21, 2012, two years after the release of the last album, the band released the song “Violence (Enough Is Enough)”, which, the following year, appeared on the tracklist of their fifth studio work, “Common Courtesy”. The band’s last album, entitled “Bad Vibrations”, was released on August 19, 2016.

A Short History of Metallica

The heavy metal band Metallica was formed in 1981. They were considered one of the most influential bands during the 1980s and ’90s with their early thrash and hard rock sounds. The band expanded the limits of thrash, using both speed and volume to enhance their compositions. It was in 1983, with the release of Kill ‘Em All, which was the start of the legitimization of heavy metal’s underground.

Newsted replaces Burton

Principal Metalicca members were lead singer and rhythm guitarist, James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Cliff Burton. Burton was killed in a tour bus accident in Sweden and Jason Newsted replaced him. They were considered one of the top four founding metal music bands of thrash metal and then released Justice for All which reached the top ten, Shortly thereafter they went on a 2-year tour.

A new image not a good move

By the ’90s, Metallica has become one of the best metal bands, being leaders of the genre, and in fact it seems as though there has never been another band to come close to their achievements. Then came the album Load and the band lost quite a lot of their audience when the band members cut their hair and changed their image.

A success story

Metallica has released many albums, a cover album and many singles and music videos, The metal band has also won no less than 9 grammy awards as well as some of their more recent albums ranking at number one on the Billboards. Having sold more than 125 million albums worldwide, small wonder they have been named as one of the greatest artists of all time.

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath was an English Rock band that rocked the airwaves in 1968. Its origins are traced in Birmingham. This musical group was formed by guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler, drummer Bill Ward, and vocalist Ozzy Osbourne. Indeed, the group is refereed to as the pioneer of heavy Jazz music. Some of their releases include Paranoid (1970), Master of Reality (1971) and Black Sabbath (1970).

About Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath band has over the years won several awards. For instance, they have been ranked as the Greatest Metal Band of all time. In quite a number of other metal genre awards, this group is top on the charts. Their Rolling Stone Magazine ranked them at number 85 on their 100 Greatest Artists of all Time (Metal Genre). This album sold over 70 million copies world wide.

Impact on Metal Music

Led by Ozzy Osbourne, this group’s impact on metal tunes has been immense. Some schools of thought attribute the origins of Metal from this group. In a way, the group curved their niche and settled for heavy metal. For this reason, they are considered the pioneers of heavy metal, and still hold lots of influence in modern metal music.

Summing it Up

Black Sabbath musical group has gone through decades of evolution and therefore understands musical needs for each generation that enjoyed their music. The group has been able to put in place the hall marks of modern heavy music in place. Additionally, the group is still actively involved in mentoring upcoming metal music artists.