If you asked someone to name the hardest rocking band on the planet Earth, there is a good chance that the answer would be – AC/DC. Formed in 1973, in Sydney, by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, the band soon became popular for their catchy riffs and lightning-fast solos. Their blues-influenced sound took the world by storm. And nowadays, 45 years and 17 studio albums later, they are rocking equally hard.

The Greatest Hits

Their rise from the beginning as a local Sydney rockband to what became a planetary rock sensation was almost immediate. Hits like “High Voltage” and “T.N.T” kicked off the band’s career, but they had no intention of slowing down. “Let there be Rock” and “Highway to Hell” cemented their superstar status, but it was “Back in Black” that made them into legends. It’s still the second best selling album of all time, selling 50 million copies worldwide.

Members and Major Lineup Changes

First major change of the band’s lineup came in 1980, when the lead singer, Bon Scott, died from the alcohol poisoning. The band found the replacement in Brian Johnson, an extraordinary singer whose raspy voice soon became the band’s trademark. With some minor changes, the lineup A.Young, M.Young, Johnson, Rudd, Williams lasted until recently, when all members, except Angus, retired or left the band for health reasons.

The Young Legacy

Some bands would never recover from such a mass departure, but AC/DC is more than just a band. Even when his brother died in 2017, Angus refused to stop rocking. He recruited some seasoned musicians, like singer Axl Rose and drummer Chris Slade, but the crucial component was no other than another member of Young dynasty – his nephew Stevie. The members might have changed, but the energy that you feel from their music endures. AC/DC is alive and kicking.

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